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Mitchel Bleier



I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 18 and teaching since I was 19. In truth, my entire adult life has been shaped and influenced by yoga; by great teachers, practices, conversations, relationships, successes and failures. Now I am 38, and I would rather have my work speak as my credentials. So here you go, a free class to download and form your own opinions of me.

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My Visionmitchel_circle

A great friend of mine once told me, “I fall in love everyday.” It took me a moment, or perhaps many, to understand and believe what she meant. Now it is the vision I have for my life. I believe this is what the Universe is doing everyday it pulls itself together. It is an attraction to fascinate and to be fascinating. It is our capacity to love, connect, amaze, feel, feel everything that pours into our lives and then share it like a raincloud releasing its potency onto the earth. As Brian Swimme says, “Our greatest purpose is to know love in human form.” So love reigns, or it rains. It is both what controls us and what we decide to give. Falling in love is the greatest human experience we can have. It awakens everything in us, nourishes us, and yet like it says, it is a falling, not ascending or transcending act. It places us into the world of connections and conditions. Falling in love is the way to know what is unconditional within our own conditions. So everyday I fall in love with my wife, my children, my dogs, my family, my friends, my community, my work, with waking up to treetops outside my window or the sweet “Hi,” from my 4 year old. I am making the conscious choice to pull together the world I want to create and live fascinated by it all.