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Let Your Mind Fall Utterly In Love
Meditation Weekend with Lorin Roche
February 13-15
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Lifting Your Glutes, Floating the Lumbar
A Bowspring Alignment Workshop
With Mitchel - February 21
11:30 - 1:30
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We all belong

This is the gift from the universe. We all belong, we all long, we all love. We are all connected. This is what we believe. yogapata is the experience of falling into this truth; of falling in love.

yogapata is the richness of yoga. All its connections, ways and possibilities. It is knowing that we are extraordinary, and are worthy of it all. We can have it, we want it, we deserve it.

It’s taking the risk to live your life. Your life. And being recognized and embraced for it. It’s love. It’s simple. Choose it.

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